Date: June 05, 2021
Status: DONE
URL Link: Visit MCN Media TV

Multi-Channel Network (MCN) is a live streaming system for churches that enables a church to broadcast its religious services, events, and content over the internet in real-time, allowing remote viewers to participate and engage with our church’s activities from their computers, smartphones, or other devices. This system typically involves various components and technologies that work together to capture, encode, and transmit audio and video content to an online platform where it can be viewed by an online audience. Here’s a general description of the components and processes involved:
• Website
• Client Side
• Admin side

Our MCN website is a digital platform created to connect with its congregation and the broader community. We serve as an online hub for information, resources, and communication related to the church’s religious services, events, and beliefs. In our MCN website we provide a list of churches and their schedule. Each Church has their own profile page.

Admin Side:
On the administrative side, we have the capability to oversee churches, schedules, recordings, and user management. Each individual church maintains its specific information, including details, camera setups, schedules, newsletters, video and image content, announcements, slideshows, notices, and analytical data.

Client side:
“On the client side, church owners have the ability to oversee their own information, scheduling, cameras, media particulars, newsletters, and announcements.”